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A company started in 2010 to realize the dreams and passions of its owners, first and foremost we focus on adhereing to a 3P: people planet and profit philosophy that rules our decision making processes at its core. Meaning that we don't just think about what will earn us more money in the end, because reducing our negative impact on the planet and the people around us is also considered a bottom line gain for us. We currently have 3 projects in the works:


our newest initiative that is still in the works of being introduced to the world...however, a hint at what we are doing?

Inspiring a movement to move!

PT GoldTeak Indonesia

This was our first project with the 3P principles. It is a pilot plantation with the focus of creating an interesting business models to present to companies and individuals who want to seguay their social responsibility from a bottomline deduction (donation) to something that will not only help the rural people of Indonesia grasp contemporized econonomy, but also do some good for the environment (more trees) and give an exceptional long term return on investment.

Last Minute Tour

Our franchise of this large italian group focuses on creating win win situations for travelers with different kinds of objectives customizing our clients experiences to their desires while always considering the 3P's.